Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges that are in the form of obstacles

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About The OCR Association Ireland (OCRA Ireland)

OCRA Ireland (Obstacle Course Racing Association Ireland) is a non profit organisation which was created to promote and advance the sport of Obstacle Course Racing  in Ireland. View our Board Members

. It is
– An association with members
7 board members
– Coordinators: Members with specific knowledge and experience
– Members both individual members and event members
– BenefactorsVision and mission:
We want to ensure that obstacle course racing (Ocr) is
1  a fun and safe sport for those who just want a challenge
2 A fair Competition with level playing field for those who want to compete in the sport
– Promote and develope the sport within Ireland and globally through our association with OCR European Alliance and OCR WC.
– Promote safety by facilitating minimum standards and ground rules.
– The care and organization, or supervising the organisation, of race series, training programs, and activities.
– Managing/directing championships, competitions, and providing guidance for participant preparation.
– Attracting benefactors and sponsors
– Recognition of the sport at National Level – Sport Council of Ireland.
– We work closely with other like minded and proactive Ocr Associations
View our Membership Page for a list of Member Benefits and details of how to become a member.
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